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Dear RPCA Member,

USIS is pleased to bring you the 2017 renewal application for the Rail Passenger Car Alliance Liability and Physical Damage Program.

This year in an effort to simplify the process for you and for each of your respective agents, USIS has redesigned the Application and placed it on several locations for your use.  The RPCA website link, www.rpca.com  or here on this page in the side menu.

Its as easy as “A, B, C!”

A.   Download the appropriate application from the web link on the right menu.

B.   Complete the application by filling out the PDF and allowing it to calculate the appropriate premium or printing and filling the app out by hand. (if you have issues, please call us at (989) 738-6400)

C.   Send the completed `and signed application to your insurance agent (or USIS direct if no agent involved) with your check for the appropriate amount. Again, if you have questions or issues filling out the forms please call us during business hours.

Of course, call us at any time for questions or assistance in completion of the application.


Louis M. Schillinger, CIC LIC

United Shortline Insurance Services, Inc


Sample coverage includes...

- General Liability and Physical Damage

- Limits to $10,000,000  / $20,000,000 on General Liability

- $1,000 minimum deductible on physical damage

- $1,500,000 value on rail cars without pre-approval


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